The Eagle Foundation is a charitable organizations registered and  incorporated  ,with Registration # G-30,531.The Foundation is made up of  five (5) Students.

Our main objective is to support  the need in society. to enable us achieve our objective,the members of the foundation make a weekly and monthly contribution through part time jobs.

we share the passion for  improving the human experience. Children are our future and the Eagle Foundation will specifically focus on making a difference throughout the world by providing funds, facilities, and education to help fight against poverty, hunger, among others. The foundation also supports the underprivileged in society . The Foundation provides a transparent means for individuals to give, knowing that the funds will reach those in need.

we believe, at some point, everybody feels the urge to give. Perhaps this motivation comes from an inner appreciation of the people around us, or a realization that we have enough to spare a little, or maybe it comes from seeing the devastating effects of disasters,hunger etc.. throughout the world, whether man-made or natural.

We’ve all watched graphic images of the destruction of hope that occurs when a person’s ability to choose is removed, either by poverty, hunger, natural disaster or disease. Witnessing this suffering motivates us to look for a way to give of our excess, hoping to provide some relief.

The challenge then is how to give and how to get involved. This is where EAGLE FOUNDATION comes in. One of our primary goals is to provide people just like you with a method to get involved, whether on a one time or a continual basis. We promise to put your generous contribution to work as you partner with us in the fight against poverty, hunger, natural disasters and disease.

We recognize that every single coin is sacred, and whether you give A dollars or one million dollars, your donation will be treated with the respect your generosity deserves. How much you give is not important. What is important is that you act now and join our fight against the destruction of hope, by partnering with people you know and trust.

We have received numerous request from other Orphanage homes and center  for support in terms of

  • Food items
  • School fees
  • Computers
  • Clothes
  • Etc....
we will be very grateful if you could contribute in any small way  to help us support others. Click  DONATE


      1. Daniel Odonkor (Executive Director)                    2. Eagle Foundation members and staff of kinder paradise     3. Musical chairs competition     

4.Ruth Osei  smiling after offering the  opening prayer  5. Refreshment packs provided by eagle Foundation      6. Martin Nisi (Introducing the members ).         More Pictures
 Daniel (in white shirt ) with some of the Orphan's            Agnes Mc of the Event


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